Restaurant and Bar

At Tembo Safari Lodge, we provide not only provide the best budget safari lodge rates, but we also offer affordable meals and drinks. We serve both local and continental dishes which makes our stand out from the competition. At our bar, we have several varieties of alcoholic and soft drinks fitting in every visitors budget.

Our Restaurant

Once sitting in the dining hall, you can place orders without worrying about timetables and schedules. Food service is always performed by professional staff with various cooking styles and delivered in a quick and accurate manner.
Many visitors to the park stop here to have a rest, a drink and enjoy a meal at unbeatable prices.

Our bar

Our bar stands out at the park since it offers a variety of nice sitting places . we are a favorite for tourists as it holds a panoramic view open to the Kazinga channel.
Still, the counter remains an outstanding fitness in the internal bar room for those who will enjoy a meal or drink while watching satellite TV channels or check your e-mails.